One Society Foundation Interest List

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How Does It Work?

▶ Emergency housing is for individuals who are chronically unhoused, with no income, or has other special needs. Applicants will need to assess their ability to meet the population requirements.

▶ Could you complete your application on the web portal? You will be on our waitlist for emergency housing. Submitting your application and being contacted by a case manager depends on the number of vacancies on the property. It may vary from a couple of weeks to months. Please be patient.

▶ Our method is that case managers determine the order in which applicants move forward by organizing each individual by the date and time the application was completed and received; extreme circumstances will apply (“first come, first serve”).

▶ Just so you know, you will receive a phone call, letter, or email from the case manager letting you know that you are moving forward in the application process. In that case, you are one step closer to being selected for emergency housing placement. You should keep a record of any documentation you receive from case managers or correspondence.

▶ Lastly, once you are assigned a case manager, you move forward in the application process; submitting identification documents and meeting with the case manager are the final steps. The documents listed below are not necessarily required, but they may help the case manager review your application.

– Photo identification for everyone who is 18 or older

– Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, or passport for everyone under 18.